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The Stress, Self & Health (STREALTH) Lab

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that investigates the role life stress (acute and chronic) and subjective -- self-related - processes in health and illness, both mental and physical. Stress is probably the most serious environmental risk factor for physical and mental illness. The self-concept pertains to the way we experience, think and feel about ourselves. Both stress and self-concept research stands at the crossroad of basic psychological science and the health sciences.



STREALTH is a translational, interdisciplinary research laboratory


Specifically, our research program:


    1. Examines the role of stress and self as risk factors for physical

and mental disorders and illnesses, including depression, dissociation, eating disorders, psychosis, pain, and pregnancy-related distress

    2. Delineates the role of stress and the self in health-related

behavior such as exercise, smoking, and alcohol consumption

    3. Examines the reciprocal relationships between stress and self.


    To realize our mission, we utilize a host of research methodologies

borrowed from psychological science developmental and experimental psychopathology, epidemiology and public health, and medical sociology.


    These methodologies include: prospective-longitudinal designs

and causal modeling techniques, multi-level modeling, Laboratory experiments, and qualitative analyses.



    Our theoretical approach is highly life-span developmental, drawing

from human-ecological and eco-developmental theories, and risk-resilience theory. Our developmental focus is on the 2nd and 3rd decade in life, namely, on adolescents and young adults.


Contact Us

Psychology Department

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Tel: +972-8-6472037


Research Fields:


  • Psychopathology

  • Personality

  • Self concept

  • Pain

  • Stress

  • Health Psychology

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